Prep Courses for the ACT® Test


The ETC ACT test preparation program covers all the skills needed for success on the ACT. Class sessions use real ACT problems so that you know just what to expect on test day. The ACT program consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction by an experienced instructor, together with additional problems for further practice.


Math Topics include:

  • techniques for picking numbers for problems with variables in the answer choices
  • strategies for solving complicated geometry problems by breaking them into smaller parts
  • tactics for translating difficult word problems into equations


Reading topics include:

  • how to read a passage for structure rather than content
  • approaches for quickly identifying the parts of a passage needed to answer a question
  • techniques for answer questions with unfocused stems


English topics include:

  • an overview of the most common mistakes in sentence correction items
  • spotting correct uses of idiomatic speech
  • the important role of punctuation in sentence correction items


Science reasoning topics include:

  • techniques for extracting information from charts and graphs quickly and efficiently
  • tips for comparing and contrasting two or more experiments or studies
  • spotting positive and negative correlations in charts and graphs


General topics include:

  • utilizing the process of elimination
  • time management strategies
  • reducing test anxiety
  • recognizing common distractors




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